About me

Hanan Gazit {Ph.D.} is a Gaming and Virtual Worlds Researcher, Gameful Experiences Designer, Academic lecturer and Games apps and Startups Mentor, Keynote Speaker and Book Writer.

Welcome to my GamefulHeores Future Book-Blog!

Hanan Gazit CEOGamefulHeroes 640X640I am the Founder & CEO @ juloot interactive,  consulting leading 500 fortune companies and startups on using Gameful design for branding, marketing, sales and training for empowering abilities and boost results to success. Additionally, I serve as the Israeli Digital Games Research Association (DIGRA) Chapter. In this site, I share with you insights and experts from writing journey of my book entitled: The GamefulHeroes Future משחוק העתיד


Below you will find my latest appearances on TV and .Radio shows as an expert on Games Studies, gamification, eSports and Gameful Design. I invite you to to join my professional LinkedIn network | Check out my short Academic Bio here | Sub to my  GamefulHeroes Channel


on Sport One TV Chanel

 I was interviewed on eSports and the future of gaming at  the GameInPro 2017 first Israeli eSports event

'The Future of Gaming and Gamification

 The 'G15871801_10154261611907781_788154099935718327_nameful Future' is a Web Acadmic TV Show developed for the Israeli Ministery of Education, based on Dr. Hanan Gazit Reseach and development GamefulHeroes mindset on Video games, Gamification and future Gaming and immersive tech. In the show Dr. Hanan Gazit host and interview students, entrepreneurs, game devlopers and gamers. We share insights ov video games, gaming, game devloppment,  Esports and gamification

On Channel 10 TV:

Interviewd on Breaking Myths about gaming and gamers

On GLZ Radio Show:

Listen to my lecture on Gaming, Video Game Studies & Gamification [in Heb] on the "Live University @ GLZ Radio Show Here

Gazit on Videogames and gamification GLZ 17-7-16 glz UNI
Speaking on Game Studies & Gamification @ Live University Radio Show @GLZ


Sport Five TV Show

GamefulHeroes on eSports Sport 5 TV
What is eSports? Interview on TV Channel 5 Sport

Read and listen to my interview about "the impact of "Pokemon Go Mania" on teens and family  Heb] on the daily Radio Show "Family Basics" @ GLZ Here

GamefulHeroes co cover
Mind the Games…before they Mind You | GamefulHeroes tee

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