QueeNiki: How gaming streaming benefit ppl with disabilities? Watch

Hanan Gazit Ph.D is hosting the amazing Reut Arye aka QueeNiki – Gamer Twitch streamer and hardware enthusiast on #GamefulHeroess Live Podcast talk show. Reut is an Active in the Israeli gaming community for the past 13 years and trying to bring light to how gaming and streaming can benefit all types of people and disabilities. Join and Watch the Premieres today, January, 21:00 at 21:00 TLV (GMT+2h)

**Running Agenda**

* Reut's Story – How did I became Gamer Twitch streamer?

* BREAKING ANNOUNCEMENT MSI Gaming Sponsorship for QueeNiki

* DiGRA 2019 Conf – Tokyo, Japan

* Video games for ppl with special needs

* How gaming streaming can benefit people with disabilities?

* How can you make a living with Twitch.tv steaming?

* QueeNiki good deeds up coming Campaigns for:

– Schneider Children's Medical Center in Israel and Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital, Israel’s largest and leading rehabilitation hospital

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